Battery Doctor App

If you are looking for the battery application to see how you can manage it then battery doctor app is the best one. This application is just not the best application within android or iOS operating system but it is popular in 40 countries around the world. If utilized properly, battery doctor app can save your batter life also. There are a lot of features in this application which are loved by people who use them. Once you are addicted to this application, then none other satisfied you. Battery doctor app helps you extend your battery life by managing the consumption within the phone. Such as certain applications may be running which would consume most of your phone’s battery life and you would not even know about it.


This application closes down all the background applications which you would not be using so that the battery can be saved. It provides you with the certain tips also while charging the phone so that you can handle it properly. All the battery related tips are offered by this application to its users. It estimates the accurate time left on your phone for the battery and also speeds up the device. It also provides a push notification to begin the charging of the phone. Sometimes, there is less battery left on your phone and you would still need it because you would be out of home, so it advices to turn off the bluetooth or Wi-Fi, which consumes the battery also.
You can check on your battery maintenance by downloading this application fully. It is easy to use and simple to handle. There are no complications in this application because the interface is really simply. You will know it by yourself where to go for certain tool because everything is directed clearly within the application. This application is free to download and offered for android, iOS and windows phones. No one would be missing on this application whether whichever operating system you use. Battery doctor app is rated 4.5 on the play store which is considered the highest among all the battery life saving applications. It supports 19 languages with the 3 stage charging system as well. It is an incredible power saving option for you to download in your phones right now. If you are a smartphone addict, then this is the best application for you. It is free to install in your phones so do not wait. It also offers the widget on your phone’s interface so you can access it easily.


The task killer widget helps you to optimize the power on the battery. You simply have to tap on the widget and it will close down all the applications which would be consuming the battery. It kills applications when the screen of the phone is off. Disable all the unnecessary applications by itself which can drain the battery. It gives the entire information of the battery remaining time and the charging remaining time as well so you do not end up over charging your phone which can be dangerous. It also controls the brightness of the phone which consumes most of the battery life in every phone.

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