5 best USA live FM radio apps

There are many applications on the operating system of android and iOS. Some are the ones which work on both and some are the ones which are specifically for one system. Nowadays, the most popular operating system is android because it has contract with many smartphone companies which make it convenient for people. A lot of people miss out on news or music nowadays because of their busy life but do not worry because you can catch up on that by downloading the best radio applications on your smartphones. Here is a list of 5 best USA live FM radio apps which you can download on your phones instantly and start listening to it right now.

1.    iHeart Radio
It is considered the best streaming radio app by CNET. It has millions of songs in it with thousands of stations. It is free to download and believe it; it makes your life easier. You can customize it and it covers all the station within the country and internationally as well. There are stations which cover pop, country, hip-hop, rock, comedy, sports and more genres of music of your choice.
2.    ESPN Radio
If you are a fan of sports and miss out a lot on the news, then this is the best application for you. ESPN Radio provides all the updated and latest news regarding sports. Listen to live ESPN right from your phone. It is free to download and live streaming is played for the users. There is a news update on this application every 20 minutes to make it convenient for the users. You can personalize it also but customizing the app by adding favorites in it. top searches are saved in order to for one- click access.
3.    TuneIn Radio App
If you want to listen to the world’s largest collection of news, music, radio talk or sports then this is the best application for you. It has more than 100,000 real radio stations from all around the world and works perfectly for the USA users. You can download it on your smartphones for free of cost. You can view the songs playing on the home feed easily. Find your favorite stations and update your status as well on this application. Local team updates can be heard as well such as for the sports of football.
4.    Last.fm
If you want to keep up with the celebrities in USA then this is the prior application for it. You can listen to your favorite artist and share your music with your mates as well. It allows you to sync the application with your contacts to see who else has joined the application so that you all can enjoy the music. You are free to create your own playlist and listen to it anytime you want. It works perfectly with the phones such as Motorola and Samsung as well as the latest phones which are in market.
5.    Slacker Radio
You must have heard about Pandora, well slacker radio is similar to that. you can generate your own playlist on this application based on the artists, songs or albums. Favorite radio stations can be saved on this application as well. It is free to download FM transmitter apps for android or  and you can enjoy the road trip completely with this radio application.

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