5 best Battery Utilities apps

Everyone uses smartphones nowadays and the most concerned part of it is the battery life. you do not get to know and the battery of phone keeps decreasing which eventually turns off the phone. Most of the people keep their chargers with them so they can charge it whether they are in office, university or school. The battery consumption in the smartphones is more than the earlier phones because there are a lot of applications which consume the battery if they are running at the back. You can check on the battery life by downloading some of the best applications so that you are informed and your phone does not go off while using it.

1.    Battery life Pro
This application is free to download and optimizes your phones battery. It provides the most up to date information on how long the phone will remain on without charging. You can manage the background applications running, the memory usage and much more with this application. It gives you the perfect battery status on the interface of your phone.
2.    Battery Led
This application is considered best for the iPhones. Since we all are aware that iPhones batteries cannot be replaced so it is necessary to keep a track on it. Download this application for free from the apple store because it is first of all beautiful. The display of the app is a wow factor in it which is why mostly people prefer it. It is clear and very simple to use. It also gives you the battery full alarm once the phone is fully charged so you do not over charge it.
3.    Battery Life
If you are looking for the simple application for the awareness of battery in your phone, then this is the best application to start with. It is easy to use and free also. you can check the battery status anytime you want and charge it. it displays the percentage and graphic information of the battery consumption on your phone.
4.    Statisque
Statisque is considered a complete tool for the battery usage of your phone. You can monitor the battery life easily and browse through the system information also. It is free to download and it also gives you a widget which you can access easily from your home screen. It is friendly application which is simple and easy to manage.
5.    Battery watch plus

One of the best battery utilities app is the battery watch plus. it gives the sound alerts when your battery is low, provides you the temperature of your phone if the battery warms  up. also shows the graph while the phone charges. The entire calculation of the current charging and the past charging are displayed for you when you open the application. This application is a must have because it gives you an estimate of the battery reducing within 10 minutes also.
You do not have to miss out on important calls or messages because of not knowing what the battery status is, simply download the best battery utilities apps and enjoy your smartphone facilities.
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