Maxthon free web browser for Android

This app has more than 600 million users all over the world, It is winner of best Browser that for all android devices, like a phone, tablet, etc. this app is basic on latest technology that also support HTML 5 with many feats like quick access to users favorites sites by speed dial, Advance Gestures That can allow you to make own touch screen commands. My Cloud tab that you can transfer your browsing date to another device like favorite web sites, bookmarks, etc. this app also provides a private browsing option. This app has many add-ons to help user to customize browser setting.
This App have following Features.
  •     Flash video Support
  •     Powerful per penalization
  •     Different kinds of add-ons to customize browsers,
  •     Private Browsing,
  •     Bookmark any favorite website.
  •     Social sharing Easily share mobile contents like pictures, text on Facebook, twitter and many other web browsers. 
  •     Support downloading and uploading files via cloud download.     

Reviews for Maxthon web browser 

 Dave R. 

I want to add an option that automatically save all open tabs before the user leaves Maxton browsers. And restore all of the aforementioned tabs wen user Oper this browser.
 Jason Kozm
I have to face a problem that sends by Google to me via email that is sent save a pic from google search images. 

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