Free download firefox android app

Firefox is one of the free and the best web browsers. This app is easy to use, fast and customizable. And also provide security to user with private browsing. Now user can open his favorite sites on his fingertips by use Firefox web browsers. This app can update automatically on the latest versions. It has the ability to start up quickly and load webpage faster as compared to other web browsers.
This app has following Features.
•    Customize web browsers by using add-ons. Like multi tabs, username and password saver etc.
•    Bookmark any favorite site.
•    Faster load and start web browsing in short time.
•    Provides security and safe browsing.

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Reviews for Firefox android app

Firefox app is one of the best web browser apps. But I feel a problem with it. That is adobe flash player that is not built-in this app many other web browsers have built-in
It is little slow then Google chrome but other thing is great.
Angelo Pengue
I had to use almost all web browsers like chrome, opera, dolphin, but no one work according to my desires but Firefox app is better in these apps.
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