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Get Video Player to play videos, movies, music clips and YouTube videos on your phone.Have fun watching movies with this free Video Player. It’s so easy to find videos on your phone with this app, that you won’t want to use any other video player to watch movies our YouTube clips if you download this one.
When watching YouTube videos, quality will be optimized to the network speed connection so the highest quality possible is shown. Locally stored movies will be played in HD.
You no longer need to use different apps to watch videos from your phone or from YouTube (more video sites will be available soon),... now with Video Player you can have it all in just one app.
Unless the video want to watch is on YouTube (in which case you might not have the right to download it), you need to have videos already stored on your phone or you need to download them to your phone. Make sure that you only download films that you have the rights to download or that have entered the public domain, meaning they are completely legal to d
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ownload or watch online for free.
Did we mention it was completely free? You’ll love this app. Don’t take our word for it, download it now.
This app is in no way associated with or endorsed by YouTube and/or Google and it does not claim ownership of any content this app provides from YouTube. The code, logo, graphics and design are our own but all other applicable content rights regarding ownership are given to the owners of and usage of this app falls within fair use guidelines. This app only serves as a video player, so users can watch movies, videos, clips, films,... from many different sources within the same app. We do not support copyright infringing behavior, sites or apps. Please do not download copyrighted material without permission as you might be breaking the law.
We want our apps to be free, so we’re showing ads. Still there? OK, cool. Thank you for downloading Video Player. Enjoy!
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