AVI MP4 3GP Video Player

This player plays video only, but many video formats are supported in this app. Detail using method introduction:
The videos in your cell phone will be found and d
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isplay in the main interface in a list. Click them to watch.
Click the fresh button and this app will refresh the list.
Browser, open it to find your folders. If the videos in your cell phone are in different files, they will in different lists in browser section. And you can watch them directly by clicking them.
Slide up-down the screen at the left or right side to adjust the brightness and volume.
The frame of a video has several sizes, including stretch, crop, fit screen and 100 percent and so on.
You can take a screenshot though this app. The picture will be saved in a file in the sd card. If you have locked the screen then you cannot adjust the frame¡¯s size and take a screenshot.
The time and phone battery on the top right corner of this app. And the rate of process lies on the bottom of this interface.
Now, watch your videos though this app! This free app needs your support, please give it five stars. Thank you!

AVI MP4 3GP Video player is a kind of media player for playing back digital video data from files of appropriate formats, such as Realvideo and Quicktime and so on.
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