AVI Flash Video Player

A super media player to play avi, rmvb and mp4 videos directly. This new version ofAVI Flash Video Player here brings us some new features for free.
Supports to play not only avi format, but also rmvb, mp4 and almost all video formats
Add video file browser and image browser
Adopt a new UI
Allows classify your videos in category of avi, rmvb and mp4
Supports to take screenshots get time and battery indicator

Totally free
Simple to control
Suitable for Android mobiles and tablets
Supports to control the process lock the screen and adjust brightness/volume/size

1. Open the AVI Flash Video Player
2. You can get a category of formats of mp4, rmvb and avi, which can save your troublesome in classifying formats.
Press full fresh and you can get all videos in your SD card.
If you press avi fresh, you can get a new list of all avi videos in your SD card.
It is the same with rmvb fresh and mp4 fresh.
3. Browser here can help you to view video files in your SD card. That is to say, only videos can be viewed in this browser.
4. Image button can only preview you png. Pictures here.
5. In the process of watching a movie, you can lock the screen to get a freely enjoy here.
Volume/brightness can be set by sliding on the left/right side of the screen.
We can adjust the screen from fit screen, stretch and crop, 100%. Also you can use your finger to pinch as you wish.
Take screenshot at what you are interested in and it will be saved in SD card.

AVI Flash Video Player can support to play avi, rmvb and mp4 videos directly. Come to download this now!

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2. If you like this free app, consider leaving 5 stars. Please use official forum for bug reporting, don't report bugs here in comments.
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AVI can be a derivative of the Resource Interchange File Format. An AVI file may take the form of a single chunk in a RIFF formatted file, which might be then subdivided into two mandatory "chunks" and one optional "chunk".
The first sub-chunk may be identified by the "hdrl" tag. This sub-chunk can be the file header and contains metadata about the video, such as its width, height and frame rate. The second sub-chunk can be identified by the "movi" tag. This chunk can contain the actual audio/visual data that make up the AVI movie. The third optional sub-chunk might be identified by the "idx1" tag which indexes the offsets of the data chunks within the file.
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