Flash Light for your Android Phone Led and Screen.

Sometime sudden power off to your Home. Then you have need a flashlight or you have loss some think in darkness, then you have need to a light. Now you can use your Android phone as a torch. Many android app that makes your Android phone as a torch or LED light. Now you can make your Android phone as a flashlight. You can use your camera flash like an LED light and also brighter. We have found 4 best Android app that makes your Phone as LED light.

Flashlight HD LED

Are you looking flashlight apps for your mobile phone? You have need a torch for any emergency or find something in the darkness. Flashlight HD led app is designed as your requirements. This app is also capable to all android models like droid bionic, marital razr, Sony Xperia. Arc. Hatch Wildlife Milestone, Samsung galaxy nexus, and many others. This app is very easy to use you can make full screen LED light. Or A integrated flash light. This app also provides instant button for quickly open LED torch.

Flashlight HD LED Download

 Super-Bright LED Flashlight

By using super bright LED flashlight you can make your Phone LCD a powerful torch. You can easily find anything in the darkness. This app is very useful in any emergency like change your car tire on the road. By using this app you can create an LED torch can easily work. You can easily on or off this LED light just like real LED light.

Super-Bright LED Flashlight Download

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