Sounds scary. Terror Tone

Tired of always hearing the same sound notifications? Now with this application you can personalize your cell phone or a terrifying sound.
If you like scary music, horror stories, scary stories, songs of fear or horror movies you have no excuse for not updating the ringtone of your phone with some ominous music that surprised all and sundry with a sound of horror or terror.
Now you can change the ring tone for some sinister polytone some cry, infernal noise or ghosts. Be surprised by the variety of the top ringtones of fear that we have selected for you.
To change the ringer just hold down the button of the sound you want to set for two seconds and you will see a menu that lets you add the sound as ringtone of your phone, such as notification or alarm on your phone.
Here ghostly sounds, sounds of wild animals, you'll get a notification or a crack creepy and terrifying call a creeping melody, find among others the sound of crows, strange sounds hellish, the howl of the wolf, terrifying screams, wild animals, ambrientos zombie screams, infernal voices, sounds of vampires, accordions diabolical laughter sounds macabre and many more sounds that we selected carefully for you. These are ideal for short sounds notificacónes call but check that fit perfectly as ring tones and choosing as 'set ringtone' sound is repeated chosen thus establishing the ringtone or ring tone.
Scare your friends, gástales a joke with these sounds, join the fun and squeezing this application to the fullest. When everyone is silent cries, feels like you wake up in the morning a ghostly voice, heard loud noises or acojonantes whenever someone sends you a notification by WhatsApp.
Anyway, enjoy this application personalizandote sounds of your phone and your friends gástales jokes. For that please download this application yourself. They do not tell you, and you tell us that we lacked sound to complete the symphony of sounds terrifying.

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